Show Notes

When things are going off the rails, that’s when the enrichment occurs. The cracks show up and the light comes in. ~ Cherie Morris

How do you feel when you lose control? If you’re like us, you don’t like it. At all. (Like, we really hate it.) But here at Brilliantly Resilient, we’re recovering control freaks because our sucker punches taught us that often, control is a myth.

This week’s guest, Certified Divorce Coach Cherie Morris, reminds us that while a crisis can cause grief and anger, the cracks it creates can allow light to shine through–if we can let go.

Whether you’re going through a divorce or just struggling with disappointment and COVID fatigue (when is this thing going to end already???!!!!) Cherie tells us that our negative emotions are often caused when we can’t let go of things that aren’t working anymore. 

Letting go of things that no longer serve or work for you is freeing, even if temporarily painful. When we let go, we allow ourselves to look toward the future and ask, “What’s next?” instead of living in the past. Opportunities will present themselves and we'll be ready.

Tune into this week’s episode of the Brilliantly Resilient podcast to hear more of Cherie’s wisdom. And pry your fingers loose–lose control!