Show Notes

How can I say what I want to in unconditional love instead of trying to be in control?

~ Kristin Smedley

How do you control things when nothing seems to be in your control?

As we move into holiday week (or has it been a year? Feels like it….) the To-Do List only seems to get longer. But what really needs to be done? And what can you actually accomplish without losing your mind? (Hint–controlling your adult kids is not an option!)

This is the time to take a look at the controllables and come up with ONE action step at a time and  find a place to start. Consider doing a time block for the week–even if it’s not your usual routine–and set times to knock items off your list. It’s often easier to set aside a chunk of time and work on one thing than to bounce around from chore to chore with nothing done well. 

And don’t forget–most times, the one putting the pressure on you is you! Remember to enjoy this season. Give yourself the gift of controlling what you can and let go of the rest.

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