Show Notes

Attitude can “flip the script” and turn a liability into an asset.

~ Andrea Bitner

When is a liability not a liability? When we recognize that labeling something as a liability doesn’t make it so.

This week’s guest, Andrea Bitner has witnessed first-hand how an “attitude adjustment” can turn a liability into an asset with the many students she’s instructed in learning English. While society, and the students themselves, can initially view their lack of language skills as a problem, Andrea helps her students recognize their innate resilience and strength as they take on life in a different country. Her new book, Take Me Home, profiles several of her students by highlighting the power each possesses and comes to see on their own.

What are your “liabilities?” Can you look deeper and see what power lives in each? Ditch the labels and see yourself as you really are–empowered, strong, and resilient--and learn more on this episode of the Brilliantly Resilient podcast!